OnFire NetCast System

Face-To-Face With
Decision Makers

We have been told that the OnFire NetCast System is . . .
​”The next gen of lead gen, the evolution of lead gen, and OnFire is at the forefront.”

How is your prospecting going?

(If you don’t have all the clients you need, LET’S TALK) πŸ™‚

Our clients are saving so much time because now their prospecting is EFFECTIVE and EFFORTLESS.

What does your calendar look like?

(If your calendar is not full every week with decision makers, WE HAVE THE SOLUTION) πŸ™‚

Our clients tell us they are getting in front of DECISION MAKERS that they would not have been able to any other way. This system works for social media, emailing, and live networking. Many clients are even using LinkedIn automated messaging.

Are people in your network referring you as much as you would like?

(If people YOU JUST MET are not giving you referrals, WE REALLY NEED TO TALK) πŸ™‚

One of our clients told us that in 4 months he has received more referrals than in 5 years.

How fast are prospects moving through your sales funnel?

(If messaging cold leads on social media is not working effectively for you, WE SHOULD CHAT) πŸ™‚

Our clients appreciate it’s a one-step sales funnel that takes a targeted cold lead and in one step moves it to a face-to-face conversation.

How much time did you spend last week creating content instead of making sales?

(If you don’t truly enjoy writing social media content every day, WE SHOULD HAVE A CHAT) πŸ™‚

Our clients create video content from their first meeting (intro, discovery, strategy call) while vetting a prospect; without any extra work.

What real TANGIBLE value do you give to your prospect the first time you meet with them?

(If your prospects are not excited to talk to you, LET’S GET ON A CALL) πŸ™‚

Our clients provide immediate value by creating video content showcasing the prospect that is easy to share on their website, in emails, and on social media.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

(If you are not ready to have 10 to 15 appointments every week, WE ARE NOT A FIT) πŸ™‚

Our clients appreciate how the system is turnkey, plug and play. Training only takes a few hours. We get them started in a couple days instead of weeks.

Still with us?

Watch this quick video of how one of our clients is killing it.

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