Getting testimonials ass-backwards is killing sales

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Do Your Testimonials Show That You Solve Prospects' Problems While Answering Their Objections?

Our clients say they are blown away by how easy it is to sell when using their clients' words.
Their clients are basically answering objections and doing the selling for them.

“When I got testimonials, I would use them where I could. Now with the My Clients Say System, I know what testimonial quotes I need to show prospects the problems I solve and am proactively getting them from my clients. The best part is they enjoy the process and are actually thanking me for getting it off their to do list.”

Problems We hear Businesses Are Having

Check out the struggles other businesses are sharing with us regarding sales...

#1 - Selling is the least favorite part of their business

  • Not wanting to be salesy or pushy
  • Find it awkward ‘tooting their own horn’
  • Hard time clearly articulating their value
  • Don’t feel as confident as they could

Clients Say…

“It completely changes the sales process when I use my clients' words to share how I solve problems. Now, I am having conversations not 'selling' them. My clients in essence brag about me. I don't have to minimize what I have done for them on my end because I might feel sheepish, if you will.”

My clients really articulate my value and make the sales process so smooth and easyIt totally sounds so different when I share what my clients say than if I say it myself.

"Before I had a lot of difficulty in sales meetings, I was kind of shy and didn't want to brag. Going through the system and gathering all these testimonials has made me a lot more confident. Now I don't have to brag; I just let my clients do it for me."

#2 - tired of testimonials they Can't use to land clients

  • Hard to ask & challenging to get
  • Clients didn’t know what to say
  • Quotes are not specific enough; fluff NOT facts

Clients Say…

Trying to get testimonials was like pulling teeth. Now, it's super easy, requires very little effort, and is actually kind of fun. I would have never been able to do get them without this system.”

“I now have quotes that are actionable, quantitative, or speaking specifically to services we provide that help our clients be more productive. Not just glittering generalities that have no concrete value.”

"We got great quotes that before I wouldn't have known to ask for and pull out of my clientsI now know how to lead the conversation and to get things that they wouldn't normally think of saying but are so glad they did."

#3 - VIDEO Testimonials Are Challenging & Time Consuming

  • Getting video testimonials is traditionally hard
  • People are uncomfortable getting on camera
  • Time consuming for clients

Clients Say…

“Getting people on video is easy because we learned some keyways and tricks that help people feel way more comfortable doing a zoom call in a non-intimidating wayMy clients were excited that they did it, and were happy to get it off their to do list.”

"I would often get back stuff like, ‘Oh, Sam’s great.’ I like hearing that, but that doesn't really help me in my sales and marketing process at all. Now, my clients talk about the problems that I actually solve, and those convert much better."

"Getting video testimonials was always kind of a shot in the dark. You never really knew if clients were going to provide exactly what you needed, what potential leads actually care about. We now have a way to direct the client in a non-painful way."

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#4 - Many Of Their Sales Presentations Or Proposals Are Ineffective

  • Too long – too many details – too salesy
  • Doesn’t clearly explain the problems or address objections
  • Not engaging and/or converting – not using client quotes

Clients Say…

“I use what my clients say in my proposals. I’m not having to preach what we do here; my clients are telling them firsthand. My closing rate has increased.”

"I was afraid of being salesy, so I didn't do a great job of explaining what I do. Now that I use my client’s words, they explain all the problems I solve and it's so much clearer."

"My presentation now works because it's far more natural. I'm just using what my clients have told me in the past of how I've helped them. I just have a conversation with them using what my previous clients have said. I love it."

#5 - Market Research

  • Not clear on why their clients buy or what they really think
  • Selling points they thought were important are not
  • Not highlighting the things that are important

Clients Say…

“It has been a real eyeopener. We learned a lot of cool things that we didn't know before about our clients, about what they thought of our services and all on a happy note. Using the system, you really get to know your clients a lot better.”

“Before we didn't really know why our clients were really happy. Now after getting the video testimonials, now we understand what makes our clients the happiest, how they perceive our services and what it is they want from us.” 

“We got more than what we bargained for; people gave us these little gems of information that we didn't even know was important to them and that was making them so happy.” 

#6 - Handling Objections & Closing Can Feel Pushy & Uncomfortable

  • Uncomfortable asking for the close or $$$
  • Awkward answering objections
  • Not building rapport or communicating their value

Clients Say…

"My clients are answering all of the objections; what they say closes the sale for us. We take the elephant in the room and address it right away. We show them that we can solve their problems and I really love that about this program."

“My videos are a great way for me to help overcome specific objections. I had a client worried about the investment. I was able to send a video speaking to that and it helped me close the deal.”

"Before I really hated dealing with objections, I just didn't want to deal with them. Now I don't have to bother with it, I just let my clients do it for me."

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#7 - Getting ROI

Clients Say…

“Return on investment is huge for us. Everything that we have built from this system makes the revenue come in faster. Our prospects are filling out forms on our websites, it actually increases your revenue stream.”

“This has helped me get at new clients, just being able to insert that nice little testimonial back to them and say, ‘Well, here’s what my other clients are saying.’”

“Testimonial videos definitely help us close sales. It’s part of our standard first email. Customers are listening to them because they mention to us about the videos they watch.”

#8 - Don't have time to take on one more thing

Clients Say…

“I understand being a very busy business owner and having no time. But, let me tell you why you do have time. It not only shortens the sales process and the presentation, but it also is an amazing way for you to get more inquiries."

“All the prospects that are coming in are going to see this amazing sales presentation with everything your clients say. Also when they see your website with all these video testimonials on there, you get more and more inquiries.”

“The inquiries just keep coming in. There’s 20 video testimonials, obviously they're going to be interested in what else we have to tell them. So, you do have time to make this work.”

#9 - Can do this myself & don't need your system

Clients Say…

"I tried getting testimonials myself and it didn't work so great. There were a lot of little details that I was missing. This program - all the tips and tricks are just really invaluable and helping me to get much better quotes and testimonials and it makes it very easy."

“I understand that some folks may feel like, “Oh, I can get testimonials.” But here's the gig, I think that if you don't understand the system, which includes what you should be asking, how you should be asking and the real testimonials that actually answer your prospect's objections upfront, then you're just getting fluffy stuff.”

You really need to have this whole system so that you aren't wasting your time getting video testimonials that are fluffy and don't really get down to what the objections are. So I would say absolutely, you need the whole system in order to understand and make it work for your organization.”

Clients' Words Sell

Our clients say they are blown away by how easy it is to sell when using their client’s words.

Their clients are basically answering objections and doing the selling for them.

Are your testimonials fluffy?

One client told us that most businesses get testimonials a** backwards because they ask their clients to send them a testimonial and then use what they can. Clients mainly focus on the benefits that they got or fluff (how much they liked working with you).

Are prospects clear on the problems you solve?

Clients have told us that before they didn’t have specific testimonial quotes on how they solved a client’s problems, they couldn’t use their client’s words in their sales presentations/proposals and all other marketing.

Are you using your clients' words?

We hear from many businesses that they are uncomfortable probing for specific testimonial quotes. Our clients appreciate that we have interviewed over 1000 people and created the methodology of how to comfortably direct the conversation, so clients are excited to share their experiences.

Are you using specific testimonial quotes?

Our clients tell us that most businesses don’t know what to ask or how to ask to get the specific testimonial quotes that are important to prospects.

WOW Video

A WOW video is multiple clients sharing in the same video

Here is an example

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