Do Your Testimonials
Show How You Solve 
Prospects' Problems 
& Answer Objections?

10 Simple Ways To...

Boost Your Conversion Rate With Testimonials

  • Revealed: Secret testimonial techniques our clients use to increase their conversion rate.
  • Get unique ways to use testimonials - we bet you haven't thought of them.
  • Discover where you are losing sales in every part of your sales funnel by not using testimonials.

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What others are saying about this guide:

Everybody is looking for testimonials 

Very beneficial to gaining that first-time order, as everybody’s gone to the Internet and are looking for testimonials from previous buyers and seeing what their experiences are.

Cyndi S  //  Owner

Hear someone else’s words

I put testimonials on YouTube, my Facebook page, and my LinkedIn. Potential clients hear about me through someone else’s words, not just mine.

Terese M  //  Franchise Specialist

Overcome objections

My testimonial videos are a great way for me to help overcome a specific objection close the deal.

Alex B  //  Owner

Embedding Videos

We're embedding the videos onto our landing page where people go to reach out to book a chat with me.

Tom P  //  Owner

Hear other clients talk

With just a click of button, potential customers can watch a video and hear other clients talk about how we meet their marketing needs. A timesaver for potential clients.

Ruth R //  Owner


Testimonial Videos can be used to do all kinds of icebreakers to connect with people, just say, ‘You should hear how other people are using our services.’

Adrienne W  //  Owner

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